We are educators, students and education workers from multiple institutions and from none. We come from inside and outside of the current system. From across borders, across experiences and across disciplines. We have come together because we believe in the transformative power of education, and because we know education is so much more than this rigged system we currently exist in.

We want people to see beyond education as they understand and experience it now.

Beyond a system built on meritocracy, precarity and systemic inequality. Beyond institutions that train rather than educate. Beyond a society that celebrates compliance rather than the critical and curious.

Through Beyond Education we will challenge, critique and celebrate what is happening across education. We will amplify struggles within our institutions and stand in solidarity with our communities, connecting our work to the world beyond education.

We come from different backgrounds, experiences and schools of thought, but what joins us together is the belief in a radically different education beyond the status quo.