Beyond Education: Participating, creating, contributing.

A short guide for contributors and editors.

Thank you for visiting the Beyond Education website. We hope you enjoy the contributions of our community members and guest authors, artists, scholars, researchers.


We always welcome your feedback about our latest themes, news and projects. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions via email beyondeducation@riseup.net. Your feedback will enable us to nurture and enrich further debate for an ongoing, wider programme of events, discussions and collaborations for communities and educators beyond education.

Contributions and editorial process

If you would like to publish a piece on this website, here is how our editing process works 4 steps to publishing with us. We occasionally launch a Call for Papers campaign; however, we welcome contributions throughout the year (you can also click on the Monthly Themes) tab at the top of the webpage, to explore our current and forthcoming topics.

4 steps to publishing with us

  1. Email a word document with your idea (300 words max, image/s). If you wish to submit a video or audio recording, please email a brief description of the content in a word document (no more than 300 words) to beyondeducation@riseup.net
  2. Expect a response from a member that has experience of your topic of interest.
  3. Begin an editorial dialogue; responding to this email will commence the editorial process.
  4. Be mindful of yours and your editor’s work-life commitments, we expect a maximum of 2 drafts to be processed prior to publication.

Beyond Education community members work dialogically to ensure contributions on topics and monthly themes are represented in ways that reflect our shared values and commitment to equitable, critical and informative, participation. We understand how important it is to be able to discuss societal matters around education, from different angles, to disrupt the status quo and develop criticality on the present and beyond, to explore the potential of affirmative spaces for action, activity and resistance. Contributions can take multiple forms, providing an opportunity to establish your own expressive code, language and reflexive activity.

Our editorial process is founded on a dialogic and constructive activity between two or more members who are passionate about a theme, have lived experience of a particular context, culture, position and/or issue. We work together to ensure ideas and topics (which may be controversial) are respected and treated with sensitive and ethical regard, through honest, constructive feedback and mutuality, at each stage of the editorial process through to publication on this website.

Using materials from the Beyond Education website

Written pieces – in prose or poetry form – photography, audio and video recordings, published on this website are for reading, research and reference purposes only.

All contributions and materials published herein are intended to inform and elicit debate that is respectful and constructive; we adhere to our shared values in all that we make available through this website. Beyond Education invite reciprocal respect between readers and authors and will engage in dialogue that abides by this principle: our events, collective activity and our values are rooted in equity, equality, solidarity and inclusivity.

Beyond Education promotes healthy criticism, and refuses any form of discriminatory practice. Beyond Education does not encourage or participate in plagiarism, and correspondingly our readers are asked to abide by the fair use of materials (this includes any text, image and ideas drawn from the Beyond Education documents and website), which should be cited and credited to Beyond Education (Author(s) Name(s), Beyond Education website link and access date). We invite readers to appreciate the context (geo-political, temporal, etc.) in which pieces are written, their purpose, leading thread and authors’ positions (societal, philosophical, political, professional, etc.).

Beyond Education shall not be liable for any unethical, inappropriate or otherwise wrongful use of any materials drawn from the Beyond Education website.

We thank you for accessing our website and engaging with our materials in respect of our values and social commitment.