Why now?

If we want a world that looks radically different, education needs to change.

Education must move beyond the many oppressive ways it is currently shaped. From the processes of marketisation and profit-making to racism and the legacies of colonialism, it is clear education is in need of new ideas, solidarities and strategies that challenge what is wrong within the world. 

Turning the tide on our neoliberal education system is tough.

Government, policymakers and mainstream media have no desire for change, and are incapable of reimaging education outside its narrow parameters or struggling for something different. 

Beyond Education will be a platform for critical educators, organisers, workers and students to write, debate and collaborate around our collective experience and struggles so that we can begin to build a future beyond education as we experience it now.

The pandemic has revealed the possibility of an education beyond education as it currently is. Parents teaching children, adults rediscovering the joy of learning for learning’s sake and communities undoing long-standing institutional damage. 

Now is the time to build beyond educations limits.